Facts about hares (Leporidae)

A Young Hare by Albrecht Dürer
  • The hare is a small, furry animal with long ears and long, powerful hind legs. 
  • Hares belong to the hare and rabbit family, Leporidae.
  • Hares are often mistaken for rabbits, but they are larger and usually have longer legs and ears than rabbits. 
  • Hares do not dig burrows as do European rabbits. 
  • Baby hares are born with their eyes already open and with a full coat of fur. Rabbits are naked and blind at birth. 
  • Hares grow up to 25 inches long, and have brown, buff, gray, or white fur.
  • Hares have short, bushy, white tails that are easy to see when they run. Hares have a split upper lip.
  • Most hares mate by the time they are 6 months old and produce two or three litters a year. Each litter has from two to five young.
  • Hares are most active in spring. Their excited actions suggested the phrase as mad as a March hare.