Jan Vermeer (painter)

   Jan Vermeer was a Dutch landscape painter, born in Delft, 1632. He became a member of the guild of St. Luke in 1653 and was elected head of the organization in 1662 and in 1670. The great master and his works were entirely forgotten for nearly two centuries, and his paintings today are very rare and valuable. Vermeer was not alone the greatest colorist of the Dutch school, but his paintings are executed by the hand of a fine technician. They are of unusual luminosity and have a strangely modern touch. His finest works include " A View of Delft," "Diana at Her Toilet," and "Head of a Young Girl," in the Hague Museum; "Young Woman with Her Water Jug," "A Girl Asleep," and " Lady with a Lute," in the Metropolitan Museum, N. Y.; and " Lacemaker," in the Mellon collection. Jan Vermeer died in 1675.

Vermeer The Milkmaid

Jan Vermeer (The Milkmaid)

Vermeer Head of a young girl

Vermeer (Head of a Young Girl)

Vermeer Lacemaker

Johannes Vermeer (Lacemaker)