Who was Francois Guizot?

F. Guizot (1787-1874)
   Francois Guizot was a distinguished French statesman and his­torian. He was born at Nimes. At the age of twelve he resided in Geneva. In 1805 he took up the study of law in Paris. Seven years later he was made assistant professor of literature. Soon after he was called to a newly established chair, that of modern history in the Sorbonne. Guizot began writing for publication as early as 1816. The titles of his published works exceed thirty. A translation of his History of Civilization in Europe was for several decades a popular college text. He taught that civilization is the outgrowth of large factors and that men—even Napoleon—are but instruments. He held a number of state offices. In 1828 Guizot was elected to the chamber of deputies. In 1830 he be­came minister of the interior and continued to hold important ministerial positions until 1848. In theology he was a Calvinist; in politics he was a supporter of the temporal sovereignty of the pope and of the Bour­bon dynasty in France. Guizot stood for freedom, character, and education.
   Guizot is famous as the originator of the quote "Not to be a republican at 20 is proof of want of heart; to be one at 30 is proof of want of head".