Origin of the Eiffel Tower

   There was a world's fair in Paris in 1889. For it Alexandre Gustave Eiffel built a high tower. The tower was named for him. When the fair ended, Eiffel Tower was left standing. Some of the people of Paris think that it should be torn down because it is not beautiful. But it is so famous and so many people visit it every year that it will probably be left stand­ing for many years more.
   The tower is 984 feet tall. At the time it was built, it was taller than anything else anyone had ever made. But 41 years later, in New York, a skyscraper was built that was taller. It was the Chrysler Building. Now the Empire State Building is nearly 300 feet higher than Eiffel Tower.
   Eiffel Tower has three "floors" and, near the top, a balcony. From the balcony one can see more than 50 miles. Some of the visitors who climb to the balcony get sea-sick because the tower sways in the wind.
Since the tower is made of iron, it must be painted to keep it from rusting. But painting it is not easy. It takes so long that the painters are always at work on it. By the time they get to where they started, they have to begin over again.
   The tower has proved useful for other things besides sight-seeing. It is used as a weather station. And for years wireless and radio messages have been sent from it. Now it is also used to transmit television programs.