Where is the world's highest annual rainfall?

   Rainfall records, especially in underdeveloped countries, vary as to reliability. However, the National Climatic Data Center currently considers Lloro, Colom­bia, as having the highest average annual rainfall: 523.6 inches (13.29 m) per year. Coming in second is Mawsynram, India, with 467.4 inches (11.87 m) per year. Third place goes to Mt. Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii, with an average rainfall of 460 inches.
   During the rainiest 15 days on record, 189 inches (4.80 m) fell on Cherrapunji, Assam, India, between June 24 and July 8, 1931. Some people consider Cherrapunji the rainiest place on Earth; local records reveal that 902.5 inches (22.92 m) fell there in 1861. Unfortunately, during the past 50 years, the widespread destruction of the forests on Cherrapunji's hillsides has contributed to a serious flooding problem, and despite all its rainfall, Cherrapunji has no available drinking water.