Who was George Inness?

Rainbow by Inness

   George Inness (1825-1894), a noted American landscape painter. He was born at Newburg, New York. When fourteen he began to study drawing, and about three years later he worked for a firm of map engravers. In 1845 after a period of study in the studio of Regis Gignoux in New York, he opened a studio of his own. Through the generosity of a patron, the promising young artist was given a trip abroad, where he studied in France and Italy. Inness was much influenced by the painters of the Barbizon school, and his works show this leaning in their faithful representation of nature.
   His work won him recognition as the greatest American landscape painter. The coloring of his pictures is particularly beautiful. Inness' landscapes comprehend to a degree the unusual merit of making the beholder see the cloud changes, and feel the breeze blow. The elements of nature seem in vital action though but a spread of paint upon a bit of canvas. In 1894 an exhibit was held in New York of two hundred and forty of his works. Some of his best paintings are Under the Greenwood, Close of a Stormy Day, An Autumn Morning, A Passing Storm, and Moonrise.