Achelous (mythology)

   In Greek mythology, Achelous was a river god, son of Oceanus and Tethys, and the eldest of their three thousand sons. He fought with Hercules for the favor of Dejanira. Hercules was victorious. When he saw that he was in danger, Achelous changed himself into the form of a snake. Hercules exclaimed, "It was the labor of my infancy to conquer snakes," and clasped the neck of the snake in his strong hands. Achelous was nearly strangled, and quickly assumed the form of a hull. Hercules threw his arms about the hull's neck, and, drawing its head to the ground, overthrew the animal upon the sand. He then grasped the horn of the bull and tore it from its head. This horn was consecrated by the Naiades, and was called Cornucopia and regarded as the symbol of Plenty, but Achelous fought no more with Hercules.