What is the Devil's Sea?

Devil's Sea
   The Devil's Sea is a rumored danger zone in the southeast coast of Japan, the Devil's Sea is the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific. The term seems to be of somewhat hyperbolic origin, based on the loss of only nine ships over a five-year period in the early 1950s in an area of unspecified size, but extending possibly as far as 750 miles out from land. Eight of the ships were fishing boats, only one of which carried a radio transmitter; the ninth, a ship transporting scientists to the site of an underwater volcanic eruption, sent no SOS, although it is not known whether the vessel was equipped with a radio. Twenty years later a U.S. investigator discovered that the phrase "Devil's Sea" was unfamiliar to Japanese maritime officials, and thus it appears that the "legend" of the Dev­il's Sea was spun from several easily misinterpreted newspaper accounts.