What is a oil gland?

   An oil gland is a tiny organ which produces a fatty or oily substance called sebum. This gland is spherical in shape and is usually connected with a hair follicle or depression from which hair grows.
   Each gland has a duct at the surface of the skin and branches at the lower end. These branches are connected to a sac-like globule which secretes the oily substance. This secretion pours over the hairs that grow out of the follicles and coats the skin around them.
   Oil glands vary in size and are located at different distances from the surface of the skin. Some oil glands are found on parts of the body that are not hairy and therefore pour out their secretion directly on the skin. No oil glands are found on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet.
   When the ducts of the oil glands become clogged, the secretion continues to accumulate and cysts form. Some of these may develop into acne.