Who was Flavius Stilicho?

Flavius Stilicho
   Flavius Stilicho (about 359-408 A.D.) , Roman general and statesman, the mainstay of the western Roman Empire after the death of the emperor Theodosius I. Stilicho was the son of a Vandal who had served as an officer in the Roman army under the emperor Valens. He entered the army at an early age and rose rapidly in rank, being sent in 383 A.D. as ambassador to Persia to arrange an advantageous peace. He was successful in his mission and soon after his return he was rewarded with the hand of Serena, the niece of Theodosius. Stilicho next directed numer­ous campaigns against the barbarians in Thrace and Britain. After the death of Theodosius in 395 A.D., Stilicho and Serena were appointed guardians of the youthful emperor Honorius, and Stilicho became the virtual ruler of the empire, his rival Rufinus being slain later that same year. Stilicho was engaged for several years in war with Alaric I, king of the Goths, whom he defeated at Pollentia in 401 A.D. and again at Verona two years later. His ambition then led him to attempt the introduction of his own family to the imperial succession. In 405 A.D., however, he was interrupted in his plans by the invasion of Italy by a mixed horde of Germans and Celts led by Radagaisus. He de­feated Radagaisus, but was forced to flee to Ravenna when the emperor Honorius learned of his designs on the throne. He was captured, however, and put to death by order of Honorius.