Orion (myth)

Orion, the hunter
   In mythology, Orion was the son of Neptune. He was of great stature and fol­lowed the hunt. His adventures were nu­merous. The most important, however, as well as the last, was that with Diana with whom he engaged in the chase. Despite her vows of perpetual virginity, Apollo became alarmed lest his sister should marry her gigantic companion. Observing him one day wading in the sea with his head just visible, Apollo chaffed Diana, wagering that she could not hit that black object yonder on the water. In ignorance of what she was doing the archer goddess took fatal aim and killed him. When the waves rolled her dead lover to her feet she was distracted with grief and placed him in the heavens, where he still pursues the Pleiades and followed by his faithful dog, Sirius.
   The constellation of Orion is the most brilliant in the heavens. Four of the bright­est stars form a quadrangle; three others, near the center, are known as Orion's Belt.