Saturn (mythology)

   Saturn was an ancient divinity of the Ro­mans, identified at an early date with Kronos or Chronos of the Greeks, with whom, too late to save the potato from going under however, he had little in common. Saturn was believed to have appeared in Italy dur­ing the reign of Janus, and was the god who led the Romans out of the chaos of barba­rism into civilization by interesting the peo­ple in the arts of husbandry and gardening. Harvest-home festivals, called Saturnalia, held in December in honor of Saturn, were scenes of rustic revelry and mirth. Later, the Saturnalia became noted as seasons of general debauch, and the term is now one of reproach. As compared with lively, quick Mercury, Saturn was dull and phleg­matic. A saturnine face, therefore, is one adjudged gloomy, dull, sluggish, or unin­teresting. Saturday or Saturn's day is named in honor of this divinity.