Some facts about Green Soap

  • Green soap also and more correctly called Medicinal Soft Soap, is prepared by the saponification of vegetable oils, particularly linseed or olive oils, with caustic potash. 
  • The name green soap dates back to a period when impure linseed and other vegetable oils contained the green plant pigment, chlorophyll, which imparted its color to the final product. 
  • The modern "green soaps" are of yellowish-white to brownish-yellow colors.
  • Green soap is a useful detergent antiseptic and cleansing agent, removing fats from the skin together with dirt, foreign matter, some bacteria, and scales of the epiderm.
  • Green soap is useful in the treatment of various skin diseases such as disturbances of sebaceous secretion, the presence of crusts and scales of chronic ec­zema, and other skin conditions.
  • Taken by mouth green soap is an old antidote in poisoning with min­eral acids, because its alkalinity neutralizes the excess acid. 
  • Liniment of green soap, a mixture of green soap, cedar oil, and alcohol, is not only a germicidal agent, but also used for cleansing the skin prior to surgical operations.