The Gecko

gecko reptil
   A gecko is any of a large group of small harmless lizards that live in tropical regions throughout the world. Geckos usually have flattened dull-gray or brown bodies, short thick heads, and variously shaped tails. When seized, a gecko may escape by shedding its tail. Later it grows another tail.
   Most geckos have wide toe pads that contain claws and are studded with thousands of hooks too small to be seen with the naked eye. The hooks fasten to the tiny projections of surfaces and enable the lizard to climb walls and cross ceilings. During the day, geckos usually hide under bark or rocks, and they often live in houses. They emerge after dark to forage for insects and spiders. Unlike most reptiles, geckos are able to utter squeaks or loud calls.
   Geckos are classified as order Squamata, family Gekkonidae.