A fisher who does not eat fish

   The fisher is one of the wild ani­mals of Canada. It belongs to the weasel family. It is, then, a cousin of the mink, the marten, the weasel, and the skunk. A male fisher is one of the biggest animals in the weasel family. The female is much smaller than the male.
   This animal's name is not really a good one. For although it swims fairly well the fisher does not catch and eat fish. Instead, it eats such animals as squirrels, mice, and rabbits. It is one of the few animals that will kill a porcupine.
   Like most of its relatives, the fisher gets about wonderfully well on land. Its cousin, the marten, is very fast. It can run fast enough to catch a squirrel. But the fisher is even faster. It can run fast enough to catch a marten. The fisher can climb trees easily, too. And it can make 40-foot leaps from branch to branch.
   A fisher's silky fur is very valuable. For years fishers have been hunted and trapped for their pelts.
A fisher makes its home in a hollow tree. Like most meat-eating animals, it does much of its hunting at night.