Largest ape: Gorilla

   The gorilla is the largest of the man-like apes. The male is larger than a man, being about six feet tall and sometimes weighing 500 pounds. Gorillas usually walk on all fours, but they can walk in an upright position better than other apes. The body is short and heavy and the arms are so long that the finger tips fall below the knees. The skin is black and covered with coarse gray hair. The teeth are large and the jaws so strong that the gorilla can easily crack nuts which would require a blow from a heavy hammer. Gorillas live in the equatorial forest of western Africa, and it is estimated that there are not more than 2,000 in the world. They feed on nuts and spend most of their time in the branches of trees, where they make nests resembling hammocks for the females and young. The male has but one mate.