Mongoose - some facts

  • The mongoose (Herpestidae) is a small, meat-eating (carnivorous) mammal.
  • The mongoose has a slender body, a long tail, and short legs.
  • The English word mongoose is derived from the Marathi name mangus (मंगूस) 
  • The mongoose is related to the civet but does not have the scent glands. It is most famous for its lightening-like speed which enables the fierce little animal to attack and kill rodents, vermin, and even the deadly cobra.
  • There are 20 species of mongoose.
  • The mongoose is native to Spain, Africa and southeastern Asia. Some are up to 40 inches long. They give birth to one to four babies annually.
  • Mongooses live in some Caribbean and Hawaiian islands, where they are an introduced species.
  • About 1872, the mongoose was taken to Hawaii to get rid of rodents and poisonous snakes. But the mongoose multiplied so rapidly that it became a pest. Since 1902 it has been illegal to bring them into United States territories.

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