Hirax facts

   The hyrax lives in Africa and nearby parts of Asia. It is the "cony" of the Bible. There are a number of different kinds. Some kinds live in trees, but most kinds live among rocks in barren regions.
   A hyrax is about the size of a rabbit and looks somewhat like a guinea pig. But the hyrax is not at all closely related to either of these two animals. It is more closely related to the elephant and the sea cow, but it is not a close relative of either. The hyrax really has no close relatives at all.
   This small animal is a plant eater. It eats leaves and young branches of plants. During the day it rests. At dusk it starts hunting for food.
   In a hyrax family there are usually from three to six babies. They are as playful as kittens. Many hyrax families live together in big communities just as prairie dogs do.
   In one way a hyrax is like a skunk. It sends out a strong odor if it is disturbed.