The Loris is an odd-looking, slow-moving animal that lives in trees. Lorises are primates, members of the order of animals that includes monkeys and apes. The slender loris lives in India and Ceylon. The larger slow loris is found from India to Indonesia. Most lorises are gray or brown, and grow from eight to ten inches long. Their three-cornered faces and large eyes give them a weird appearance. Lorises have no tails. The loris lives alone. It sleeps in the daytime with its feet clasped around the limb of a tree, and its body rolled into a ball with the head tucked between the thighs. At night, the loris prowls around in search of food. The loris lives on fruit, insects, and bird eggs.

Scientific Classification. Lorises belong to the loris family, Lorisidae. The slender loris is classified as genus Loris, species L. tardigradus. The slow loris is Nycticebus coucang.

Loris tradigradus