Who was William Holman Hunt?

The Awakening Conscience
   William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) was an English painter. He studied at the Royal Academy in London, his birthplace. When he was about twenty-one, Rossetti, Millais and he banded together to form the preraphaelite school of painting, being ably seconded by Ruskin. Their fundamental principle was that all painting should have a marked moral effect and that a picture which was merely beautiful had no reason for being. They painted nature with a breadth and freedom that has been much admired. In 1854 Mr. Hunt went to Palestine to study Biblical scenery at first hand. His best-known paintings are The Light of the World and The Awakening Conscience; after his trip to the Holy Land, he painted The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple, The Scapegoat, A Street Scene in Cairo, Portrait of Rossetti, The After-Glow in Egypt, and many other pictures.