What is a Pinworm?

    Pinworm's are parasitic organisms which live in the intestines of humans. They are widely distributed throughout the world in all age groups, but especially in children living in crowded conditions. The female pinworm is about one-fourth inch long and the male is smaller. The body has one pointed end.
    The pregnant female lives in the lower intestine. It is either excreted or crawls out and lays eggs around the anus. Its movements produce intense itching. A coating on the eggs causes them to stick to undergarments, pajamas, skin or bedding. Eggs are transferred to the fingers when the infested area is scratched and on to food or directly into the mouth. The eggs hatch in the upper part of the intestine, the larvae travel down the intestine, attach there and mature.
    The most effective prevention is to break the life cycle, by preventing scratching and keeping hands and clothing very clean. Physicians also administer drugs by mouth for five or six days to kill the pinworm.