Anton Gregor Rubinstein

   Anton Gregor Rubinstein (1829-1894) was a Russian pianist and composer. His tours throughout Europe and America made him the most famous pianist of his time. Few of his many compositions are played today. Rubinstein was born near Balta, in the Ukraine. At 10, he made his first public appearance in Moscow. While still a child, he traveled through Europe. Audiences everywhere received his playing with enthusiasm.
   When Rubinstein was 16, he began to teach in Vienna. Two years later he went to St. Petersburg. There the Grand Duchess Helen became his patroness and gave him many opportunities to be heard in public. In 1858, he became court pianist and concert conductor. The following year, he became director of the Royal Russian Musical Society, and four years later he founded the St. Petersburg Conservatory. He served as its director until 1867, and again from 1887 to 1890. Rubinstein came to the United States in 1872 and toured the Country.