Jack rabbit

jack rabbit
   Jack rabbit is a large hare that lives in North America. Jack rabbits live chiefly on plains. Jack rabbits are about two feet long. They have long hind legs, large eyes, extremely long ears, and brownish-gray fur. But the fur of white-tailed jack rabbits that live on the northern and western plains of the United States turns white in winter. Jack rabbits eat plants and become pests by eating farm crops. They have many enemies, but their chief enemy is the coyote. The number of jack rabbits often increases after the coyotes have been cleared from an area.
   The Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit lives in dry areas of Mexico and the Western United States. It is sometimes called the jackass hare because its long ears resemble those of a donkey.

Scientific Classification.
Jack rabbits are in-the rabbit and hare family, Leporidae. They belong to the genus
Lepus. The white-tailed jack rabbit is classified as genus Lepus, species townsendii.