Lubrication usually has to do with the oiling or greasing of a machine or the moving parts of bicycles and automobiles. Almost any machine or object which moves will move better and with less effort just after it has been lubricated.
   The main reason for regular lubrication of the various machines, toys, appliances, and vehicles which are used daily is to avoid friction. Friction causes rapid wear of the parts of these articles which come in close contact with each other. Friction can also cause loss or change of energy into heat and possibly start fires in addition to slowing down the work of the machine or other object. In order to overcome friction or at least make it less damaging, lubricants are used.
   There are a great many lubricants used today, a number of which have very specific uses. Oils from petroleum are used in automobiles to lubricate the various moving parts of the motor. Graphite, which is actually very fine carbon, is used to lubricate bearings. The newest lubricants are the silicon compounds which can withstand very high temperatures.