Who was Cyrus Field?

   Cyrus Field (1819-1892) was an American capitalist and promoter of the first Atlantic cable, was born in Stockbridge, Mass. He left home at such an early age that he received only a fair education. He first worked in a dry-goods store and later started in business for himself as a paper manufacturer. At the age of 33 he was wealthy.
   In 1854 he devoted his life to a plan for laying a telegraphic cable under the ocean between Europe and America. His first three attempts were unsuccessful. The fourth try was successful, and Queen Victoria in England sent a message to President Buchanan in the United States. There were many celebrations; but finally the cable broke, and the messages stopped. Some people thought the messages were fakes. After seven years the Great Eastern, the world's largest steamer, sailed from America with a new cable. Because of a sudden lurch of the ship the cable snapped in mid-ocean. In 1866 Field successfully stretched a cable between the two hemispheres. For his achievement Congress voted him a gold medal.