The Riviera

   The Riviera is a narrow strip of land on the Mediterranean. The region runs from Hy√®res in southern France to La Spezia in northwestern Italy. The Alps rise back of the Riviera. Travelers from many parts of the world have basked in the warm sunshine of the Riviera for both health and pleasure. Balmy southern breezes drift in from the sea throughout the year, and the Alps shut off the cold north and east winds.
   A chain of French and Italian towns lies on the Riviera. They are connected by an excellent road that follows an ancient Roman highway. A railroad also links the towns together. The towns are colorful with brightly painted houses and green, fragrant gardens. The people of the Riviera cultivate flowers, dates, bananas, pomegranates, and prickly pears.
   The Riviera towns include Nice and Menton, in France; Monaco and Monte Carlo, in Monaco; and Bordighera, Ospedaletti, San Remo, Rapallo, Genoa, and La Spezia, in Italy.