What is Vesperugo?

   Vesperugo, in zoology is a genus of Vesper­tiliones (bats), with 22 species, universally distrib­uted, but more common in the temperate and subtropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere. This genus has also the extreme Northern range of the Chiroptera; one species — V. borealis — has been found close to the limits of the Arctic Circle. The bats of this genus are the common bats of all countries, and may be easily known by their comparatively thick bodies, flat, broad heads, and obtuse muzzles (the thickness of which is increased in front by the rounded glandular elevations), short, exact, broad, and triangular obtusely-pointed ears, obtuse and slightly incurved tragus, short legs, and by the presence in most species of a well-developed post-calcaneal lobule, which probably acts as a kind of adhesive disk in suturing the animal's grasp when climbing over smooth surfaces.