Antonio Banderas quotes

I couldn't be with someone who is depressed all the time.

I completely take on the risk, the poker game, which being an artist means, and I'm going to try to make a film which honestly reflects what I have in my head.

I have to recognize that I am agnostic.

I like going everywhere. And I love starting new things.

I think we are realising that governments can't govern us any more.

It's a character that I always found really likable. I'm fond of Zorro because he was a popular figure who worked for the people.

Characters don't belong to anyone, not even the person who plays them.

As an actor, when you encounter a psychopathic personality, you naturally want to make him 'bigger than life,' as the Americans say.

Everything changes as you get older - your mind, your body, the way you view the world.

Films should be for everybody.

Bless me, Father, for I have just killed quite a few men. (Desperado)

My name would become legend... (Puss in Boots)