Quotes about acupuncture

We all need to slow down and go to acupuncture. Tamara Ecclestone

I tried acupuncture, the patch, and hypnosis, but found that I needed to do it alone - when the time was right for me. Christy Turlington

I'm afraid of needles, except acupuncture needles. Catherine O'Hara

I'm a fan of homeopathy, acupuncture and spiritual healing. In Australia, this is not weird, but when I arrived in the U.K., everyone thought I was a freak. Natalie Imbruglia

Thank God for acupuncture. It's been around for 2000 years. It's not going anyplace and people use it all of the time for a variety of cures and to avoid illnesses. Tim Daly

There must be something to acupuncture -- you never see any sick porcupines. Bob Goddard

A friend of mine is into Voodoo Acupuncture. You don't have to go. You'll just be walking down the street and ... ooooohhhhhh, that's much better. Steven Wright

We expected the acupuncture to improve the pain. We didn't really expect the largest benefit to be in fatigue or anxiety. David Martin