Quotes about aerobics

I don't criticize weight training - as long as it is not a substitute for aerobic training. Kenneth H. Cooper

I have been through various fitness regimes. I used to run about five miles a day and I did aerobics for a while. Sting

I think aerobics are great, of course, but it just bores me out of my mind. Peter Steele

My inventing time is all done under the influence of aerobic exercise. Basically, I do all my thinking while I run. Justin Cronin

Many exercise forms - aerobic, yoga, weights, walking and more - have been shown to benefit mood. Andrew Weil

With Aerobic Strip Tease, you can do it at home - it makes it easier for women that don't want to go to the gym. Carmen Electra

When doing your aerobic exercise, go at a comfortable pace until you've developed more stamina. Lee Haney

In another life - and as I like to say, another body - I used to teach aerobics. Megyn Kelly

I'm not a big fan of the gym, I do lots of outdoor aerobics - yoga, swimming, running - but I kinda hate talking about it. We have a term in Australia, it makes you sound like a wanker. Ryan Kwanten

And I love to ride my bike, which is great aerobics, but also just a great time for me to think, so it's like this terrific double bill. Robin Williams