O. S. Gabrilowitsch

   Ossip Salomonovich Gabrilowitsch 1878-1936, was a Russian pianist and composer, who became an American citizen in 1921, born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). At the age of 11 he began study of the piano at the St. Petersburg Conservatory with Rubenstein and composition under Glazunov.
   His reputation as a pianist preceded his first visit to America in 1900, and his success was immediate. In 1909 he married Clara L. Clemens, a singer, actress, and author, the daughter of Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), and from that time they appeared together in numerous concerts. From 1918 until his death he conducted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. As a composer he produced some songs, pieces for the piano, an Elegy for cello and piano, and an Overture-Rhapsodie for orchestra.