The pelican is a large fish-eating bird. It looks strange because of its short legs, crested head and hooked, pouched bill. It uses its pouch to help it catch food. All four toes of a pelican are webbed.
   Pelicans live in groups in warm areas all over the world. Some kinds hunt together and are often seen flying in formation, gliding or beating their wings in unison. The white pelicans inhabit fresh-water inland lakes. The brown pelican hunts in salt water from the southern coast of the United States to southern South America.
   Pelicans breed on islands in huge communities. They make nests in trees or on the ground near water. The nests are of sticks or pebbles and sand. From two to four eggs are laid and incubated by both parents, who are easily frightened away from the young. The babies take food from deep in the parent's gullet