Joe Bob Briggs quotes

Joe Bob Briggs (born 27 January 1953) is the pseudonym of John Irving Bloom, a syndicated film critic, writer and actor.

  • The man is ugly, the man is evil, and the man is in love. This is gonna be an American classic.
  • I made the mistake of watching "A.I." on cable the week they showed it about 792 times, and I ended up watching it every time it was on.
  • Speaking of things that'll make your head explode, "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" finally made it to the drive-in
  • The fifties were when people started coming down on "juvenile delinquents," "hoodlums," "vandals"--anybody that was young, wore a motorcycle jacket, and didn't act polite around older people.
  • "I think we should take money from everyone," I told her, "regardless of their ability to pay. After all, this is America."