Ian Fleming

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ian Fleming
  Ian Fleming was an English author. Born London, England, May 28, 1908. Died London, Aug. 12, 1964.
Fleming was the author of the famous James Bond spy stories. Among his best-known suspense novels are Casino Royale (1954), From Russia With Love (1957), Goldfinger (1959), and The Spy Who Loved Me (1962). Several of Flermng's novels about James Bond's international adventures in espionage have been adapted as highly successful motion pictures.
  Fleming's experiences as a royal navy intelligence officer during World War II are often reflected in his novels. He worked as a special correspondent for the London Times and was a member of the editorial board of the London Sunday Times.

What is a depressant?

A depressant is a drug that reduces the activity of various body functions. Some depressants such as anesthetics, sedatives, antiepileptics, narcotics analgesics, and some muscle relaxants, slow nervous and muscular activity by acting on the central nervous system. Tranquilizers are depressants that affect only part of the nervous system. They induce relaxation without causing total depression.

Facts about birthstones

Facts about birthstones
Did you know? The current assignation of stones to months was established in 1912