What are pinks (plant)?

    Pinks are popular plants in the flower garden. There are many kinds of these charming garden plants. Some of the different kinds are the carnation, pink, baby's-breath, bouncing bet, and chickweed. Most pinks are hardy perennials. Members of the pink family have opposite leaves and swollen joints (nodes). The flowers are usually lovely and sometimes fragrant too. Pinks are easily raised in most garden soils.
Pinks properly belong to the genus Dianthus, but the name is used for many other plants such as helonias, phlox, spigelia, Limonium lobelia, and silene in genus Lychnis. Some of the pinks in genus Dianthus are the sweet William, which have dense, roundish flower clusters; the maiden pinks, which make turf-like mats and have small flowers; the grass pinks, which are low, fragrant, tufted plants.

Dianthus flower