Echo (mythology)

   In Greek mythology, Echo was a beautiful nymph of the woodland hills. She was an attendant upon Artemis, the huntress. Her chief failing was a habit of talking too much and of insisting on having the last word. One day Hera was seeking her wayward husband, Zeus, whom she had reason to believe was disporting himself among the nymphs. Echo managed to detain Hera in conversation until Zeus made his escape. In her anger Hera de­prived Echo of all power of speech save reply, that is, she left her only the last word. Echo fell in love with a beauti­ful youth named Narcissus. She followed him in the chase, waiting for him to speak that she might reply. At length the op­portunity came, but Narcissus did not re­turn her love. In her grief she faded and pined away until nothing was left but her voice, which may still be heard wandering in the mountains, speaking only when spoken to, and replying only in the exact words of the speaker.