Where are the largest and smallest oceans?

   Because all ocean water is connected, there is really only one big ocean. The continents divide the ocean into three major parts: the Pacific Ocean (the largest part, 64,186,300 square miles); the Atlantic Ocean (41,081,040 square miles); and the Indian Ocean (the smallest, 28,000,000 square miles). Some geographers consider the Arctic Ocean the smallest ocean (5,400,000 square miles), but others consider it a part of the Atlantic Ocean and call it the Arctic Sea. Likewise, the Antarctic Sea is just the place where the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans meet around the continent of Antarctica. One thing is certain: the deepest place in the world is the Mariana Trench, near Guam in the Pacific, where the water is more than 36,198 feet (7 miles) deep, 1 mile deeper than Mt. Everest is high.