Where is the tallest waterfall?

Angel Falls
   Angel Falls, in the Guiana Highlands of southeastern Venezuela, is the longest free fall of water (fifteen times higher than Niagara falls). From Auyan-tepui (meaning "mountain of the god of evil"), a flattop mountain with almost vertical walls, the Rio Churún falls 3,212 feet. The native Pemón Indians discovered the spectacular waterfall and called it Churún Merú.
   The falls are named after Jimmy Angel, a barnstorming bush pilot from Missouri who was searching for gold in 1935 when he first saw the falls. He returned in 1937 and landed on top of the tepui. (He had to walk out—a trek that took 11 days—after his plane became stuck in the boggy jungle.) The falls are a part of Canaima National Park, which includes nearly 100 sandstone mesalike mountains and numerous waterfalls.