Which bird migrates the farthest?

arctic stern bird
   The arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) makes its yearly flight of 22,000 miles, from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle and back. About 15 inches long, with a red bill, a black cap on its head, a white face, and gray wings, the arctic tern likes rocky shores, sheltered sandy coves, and tundra marshes. It feeds on small fish in the water and on insects eaten in flight.
   In the summer arctic terns breed on the shores of the Arctic ice cap, extending south to Alaska, Greenland, Nova Scotia, the New England coast, northern Europe, and Siberia. In late August they take off for the shores of Antarctica, via the western coast of Africa. By the following June, they are back in their breeding grounds in the north. Sometimes called the sea swallow, the Arctic tern spends most of its life in swift flight.