Some facts about plums

  • A plum tree has smooth-skinned, juicy, tart fruit.
  • The plum is often dried to make prunes.
  • In the United States, plums for prunes are grown in the Pacific states, where drying conditions are most favorable.
  • Plums are shrubs, or small trees, with white flowers, and large, smooth, clustered fruits. When dried for prunes they must be fully ripe.
  • Plum trees are usually bought as one-year-old trees and are planted in the fall, or early spring, in the colder climates. Plums need heavy, well-drained soil. The young trees must be pruned to shape and to develop better quality fruit.
  • Plums are produced around the world, and China is the world's largest producer.
  • The European plum is the most important type in the United States. The Japanese plum includes most of the varieties produced on the west coast for the fresh fruit market.
  • Native American varieties are quite desirable in their own areas and are good in home orchards.