The curious frilled lizard

 The FRILLED LIZARD is a very curious reptile found in Queensland and other parts of Australia, and belonging to the lizard family Agamidae. The frilled lizard, Chlamydosaurus kingii, reaches a length of about 32 inches, and receives its name from the presence of a large expansion of the skin at either side of the neck, the two halves meeting at the throat. This frill is notched at the edge, has special supporting cartilages, and by means of muscles can be folded or expanded at will. The lizard walks upon its hind limbs like the extinct iguanodon, having the forelimbs hanging down. When at bay, it expands the frill to its fullest extent and opens the mouth wide, showing the powerful teeth—an attitude which possibly is of use in frightening some of its enemies. It inhabits sandy districts.

reptile frilled lizard

Frilled lizard