The Frigate Bird

   The frigate bird or man of war bird is a member of the order Steganopodes, and one of the swiftest and most active of marine birds. Truly pelagic in habit, it feeds entirely upon fish and rarely comes to land except at the breeding season. The food is sometimes obtained at the surface of the water, but very frequently the frigate birds compel other birds to disgorge their prey and catch the falling fish before it reaches the water. The great frig­ate bird, Fregata aqui­la, is found in the warmer parts of the great oceans; the lesser, frigate minor, is confined to the Indo-Pacific Ocean. The body is slender, the neck short, the beak elongated and strongly hooked, the legs short and feathered to the toes, the wings and forked tail elongated and pointed. The greater frigate bird is about four feet in length with a wide expanse of wing, and is brownish-black in color, with metallic reflections, and a scarlet patch on the throat of the male.

frigate bird

Man of war bird