Common marigolds grow to be about two feet tall. But some marigolds are never more than a few inches tall even when they are full grown. They are called dwarf marigolds.
   Most people grow to be more than five feet tall. But some are less than four feet tall even when they are grown men and women. They are dwarf s. There are dwarf s among many kinds of plants and animals.
   No one knows the whole story of why dwarfs appear. We do know that certain body glands, when they do not work properly, cause some people to become dwarfs.
In the great days of kings and queens many court jesters were dwarfs. Dwarfs were thought to be especially clever.
   The most famous dwarf in America was "General Tom Thumb." His real name was Charles Stratton. He was given the name of Tom Thumb when P. T. Barnum persuaded him to join his circus. General Tom Thumb was 40 inches tall; he weighed 70 pounds. A famous English dwarf, Jeffrey Hudson, was much smaller. He was only 18 inches tall. This dwarf was in the court of Charles I of England.
   There are many storybook dwarfs. Rumpelstilskin is one. The Seven Dwarfs in the story of Snow White are others.