Quince Flowering

   Quinces are popu­lar garden shrubs that are among the first to blossom in the spring. These shrubs belong to the rose family and come from eastern Asia. The five-petaled, showy flowers bloom before or with the unfolding of the leaves. They make fine specimen plants and are also used for hedges. They are easily raised in most soils and are propagated by cuttings or layering.
   Japonica is a variety known as dwarf Japanese quince. It is a low, spreading plant that grows about three feet high and has red flowers.
   Lagenaria is known as Japanese quince. It grows four to six feet tall and has spiny branches. Its flowers are scarlet or white, but some have pink flowers that turn red in the fall. It is the best flowering quince for hedges.
   The hard, acid fruit called quince is related to the pear and apple. It is also a member of the rose family. The fruit is very tasty when it is cooked.

Japonica quince