Sir Francis Drake

   Queen Elizabeth I, the famous Queen of England, sent her sailors far and wide to explore the seven seas. The one who went farthest was Francis Drake (1540-1596). He went clear around the world!
   Drake, nicknamed "The Dragon," was very bold. He captured many ships belonging to other countries and took a great deal of treasure. Drake came very close to being a pirate. But he captured the treasure for his Queen and country, not for himself.
   Drake's own ship was the "Golden Hind." It was, of course, a sailing vessel. On his ship Drake's men treated him like a king.
   Drake was really the first leader of an exploring party to sail all the way around the world. Earlier, the ships of the Portu­guese captain Magellan went around the world, but Magellan died on the voyage.
   Even if he had not sailed around the world, Drake would be famous, for he was in charge of the English ships that defeated the Spanish Armada. This was a great fleet the Spanish King had sent to make war on England. The sailors of other lands knew what a great fighter and sailor Drake was. The captain of one of the ships in the Span­ish Armada gave up his ship as soon as he found out that Drake, the Dragon, was on the ship he was fighting. Drake did more than any other person to make England the ruler of the seas.