The jaguarundi cat

   Jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi) is a peculiar-looking cat that lives in the Americas. It really does not look like a cat at all. It has a long neck, a weasel-shaped head, short ears, short and stubby legs, and a long tail. The jaguarundi stands about a foot high at the shoulder, and is from 3 (0,9 m) to 4 feet (1,20 m) long. It weighs from 20 (9 kg) to 30 (14 kg) pounds. Some jaguarundis are dark, grayish-brown or black and have no spots. Others are reddish-yellow. Jag­uarundis roam during the day, and feed on rodents, birds, and farm animals. They live from southern Arizona and Texas south through Mexico, Central Amer­ica, and South America.
   The jaguarundi is probably extinct in Texas. Its presence in Uruguay is uncertain.
In some Spanish speaking countries, the jaguarundi is also called leoncillo, which means little lion. Other Spanish common names for the jaguarundi include: "león brenero", "gato colorado", "gato moro", "onza", and "tigrillo".
   Scientific Classification. The jaguarundi belongs to the cat family, Felidae.
It is classified as genus Puma, species Puma yagouaroundi.



jaguarundi cat