The Aardvark enemies

   The aardvark's main enemies are man, hunting dogs, pythons, lions, cheetahs and leopards, and also the ratel, while warthogs will eat the young. When suspicious it sits up kangaroo-like on its hind quarters, supported by its tail, the better to detect danger. If the danger is imminent the aardvark runs to its burrow or digs a new one; if cornered, it fights back by striking with the tail or feet, even rolling on its back to strike with all four feet together.
   On one occasion, when an aardvark had been killed by a lion, the ground was torn up in all directions, suggesting that the termite-eater had given the carnivore a tough struggle for its meal. However, flight and —above all —superb digging ability are the aardvark's first lines of defence for as with other animals with acute senses like moles and shrews, even a moderate blow on the head is fatal.