Horses in prehistory

   The horse, undoubtedly, was more than a match for earliest man, whose crude weapons proved ineffectual against this speedy, agile and rugged wild animal. In time, however, man's weapons were improved, and he would occasionally bag a horse. He then began to hunt the animal extensively and to use its flesh as meat. The bones of young horses, deposited outside the cave of SolutrĂ©, near Lyons, France, prove that the men of the Old Stone Age were eaters of horseflesh. These bones were disjointed, and the long bones had been split to yield their marrow. The horse was depicted as a game animal, together with the bison, wild ox, reindeer, woolly elephant and wild boar, by cavemen artists. It was only several thousand years ago that the horse became tamed for man's use.

Prehistoric horse