William Morris Hunt

   William Morris Hunt (1824-1879) was a noted American portrait, figure and landscape painter whose efforts for the advancement of American art were incalculably valuable. He was born at Brattleboro, Vt., and studied at Harvard for a time, but was forced by ill health to leave. He traveled and studied sculpture and painting in Europe. Returning to the United States, Mr. Hunt settled in Boston. There he became a teacher of painting, imparting to his pupils a knowledge of the latest Parisian methods. Mr. Hunt's best works are his landscapes, though in all his work is noted a perfected technique and a fine sense of color values. He committed suicide while under a sudden derangement. Among his finest works are Head of a Jewess, Sheep Shearing at Barbizon, Girl With the Kitten, Gloucester Harbor, The Hurdy-Gurdy Boy and Dead in the Snow.

Sheep Shearing at Barbizon