Orang means "man" and utan means "jungle." Thus the orangutan is called "man-of-the-woods." It belongs to the ape family, and spends most of its life in tree tops, coming down to the ground only for water. An orangut├ín, if captured young, can be easily trained. Within weeks, it can be taught to eat, dress, and act well-behaved.
   Some orangutans have reached the height of four and one-half feet. The males may weigh 200 pounds, the females are usually smaller. In spite of their great weight, they travel very rapidly; for though their legs are little and weak, their arms are strong and muscular, enabling them to swing rapidly from tree to tree rather than leap as many other primates do. Their long, loose hair ranges from brick-red to brownish-orange, and their cheeks are wide and flat.
   Orangutans are chiefly vegetarians, feasting on wild fruit, especially on the fruit of durain, shoots of screw pine, and fleshy leaves of various kinds.